The Human Rights Archives and Archivists Roundtable aims to create a space for SAA members and other stakeholders (human rights advocates, scholars, government officials, and non-governmental organization workers) to increase dialogue and collaboration on issues related to the collection, preservation, disclosure, legal implications, and ethics of human rights documentation.

Goals of the Human Rights Archives Roundtable

  1. To foster dialog between archivists working with human rights collections and other stakeholders on issues related to the management, preservation, and access to human rights archives.
  2. To disseminate information to roundtable members and members of SAA and to formalize grassroots organizing around human rights issues within SAA and in conjunction with the International Council on Archives Human Rights Working Group.
  3. To establish a formal presence within SAA and create an official venue for the exchange ideas affecting human rights archival collections.
    • Integrate the current Human Rights Archives e-mail listserv with other SAA lists.
    • Develop a Human Rights Archives Roundtable website.
    • Create an electronic newsletter to share news and publicize events.
  4. To facilitate collaboration and information sharing among archival institutions, universities, governments, legal bodies, and non-government agencies that are working to document and preserve records of human rights abuses.

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